Realizing a Dream

To Nourish &  Inspire People

Utopia Valley, LLC started with a vision…

A dream that began years ago, being raised on my parents’ small farm. My siblings and I grew up involved in agriculture. We loved the land and nature because the farm provided joy, peace, and food, especially in the summer and fall.

We enjoyed planting seeds, irrigating, and harvesting fruits, vegetables, and pecans on our self-sustainable farm with poultry and livestock. There was even a worm bed. Truly an earthly paradise, hence part of evolution of the name “Utopia Valley”.

After graduating from NMSU, I moved from NM a few times, and realized that injustices can exist everywhere. Utopia Valley is our way of ‘Creating Utopia’, by empowering individuals to respect the land, and nature. Utopia Valley, LLC revolves around agriculture, consulting services, arts & crafts (including culinary arts), and offering a brief get-a-way to experience ‘Utopia’.

Yellow Indian Woman Beans

Yellow Indian Woman Beans


Utopia Valley offers a variety of fruits, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, as well as various fruits and pecans for sale when in season.

We have been transitioning areas to no-till practices. There are portions of field that have not had a tractor on it since Fall 2017. Since we love bees, butterflies, birds, and other insects, we utilize beyond organic practices and have extensive pollinator flowers so they may continue to thrive.

Prior to Covid-19, we had Eco/Agri-tourism opportunities, in hopes to inspire visitors to start their own garden or farm. However, to ensure everyones’ safety, now we periodically offer virtual farm tours.

Seed Saving

We plant “Heirloom” and “Non-GMO” seeds and let some plants, “go to seed”. Then we select, harvest, clean, and save seeds. Seed saving knowledge was instilled by our Dad, whom was taught by our late paternal Grandfather and Farmer, Ricardo Rodriguez, whom was taught by his ancestors.

We now have a refrigerated seed vault that has over 50 varieties of precious heirloom seeds, most of which (40+) were organically grown at Utopia Valley LLC.

Email: if you’d like to be added to our Seed List, or if you have questions regarding inventory/prices.

Stock Image
Stock Image
Mini-pecan tarts- prior to baking. Made with our organically grown pecans.

Mini-pecan tarts- prior to baking. Made with our organically grown pecans.

Solar Greenhouse and Commercial Kitchen…

Plans for building a small solar greenhouse and commercial kitchen are being developed. In interim, family home kitchen is permits virtual demonstrations for testing recipes, making jams, frozen entrees, or utilizing our commercial dehydrator for dehydrating fruits, making fruit leather for healthy hiking/bicycling snacks, or dehydrating culinary herbs for spices, yerba mansa, mint, eucalyptus leaves, and chamomile for teas. All our fruits and herbs were produced at Utopia Valley utilizing beyond organic practices.

Dr. Anita Rodriguez is a Certified Evaluator/ Teacher with extensive management, business and teaching experience at all levels of education in public, private, and non-profit schools and businesses.

Anita taught Marketing, Foods and Nutrition, and other subjects to all levels of youth and adults in New Mexico, various parts of US and internationally in Mexico City. Anita has also conducted presentations regarding research throughout New Mexico, and at international conferences in India and Japan.

It has taken time for the realization of my dream. Utopia Valley’s mission is
“To nourish and inspire people about the importance of fresh, local food, clean water, and how holistic lifestyles make a positive difference while embracing agriculture and exploring art.” Anita Rodriguez

The Difference

Utopia Valley is a diverse, fully-functioning family farm, for generations… Deeply-rooted history and traditions encompass that. We grew up planting seeds by hand, and continue to do so today. We utilize “beyond organic” practices are are gradually transitioning back to self-sustainable, agro-ecological farming practices.

Our talented parents’ Reymundo and Celia Rodriguez, cooperated and sacrificed to lovingly build our family farm home. Reymundo, a self-taught engineer, mechanic, carpenter, artist, farmer, construction laborer then foreman, and overall genius. Celia, former nurses’ aid to amazing mom, farm-wife, library assistant, often prepared delicious homemade meals and was our first teacher. Some of the best years of our lives, and most cherished memories began during childhood, being raised by them, on their small farm.

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Do you have questions about Utopia Valley, LLC? Would you like to become a part of this dream? Want to create your own Utopia? It all starts with planting seeds! Send us a message. We would love to hear from you.  

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